The mission of RePlay for Kids is to increase the availability of toys and assistive devices for children with disabilities. We repair, adapt and distribute toys and assistive devices free of charge. In so doing, we strive to raise awareness and increase the number and variety of toys and devices available to the children who need them.
RePlay for Kids volunteers with adapted toys
Child with adapted toy
RePlay for Kids volunteers
RePlay for Kids volunteers with adapted toy
RePlay for Kids volunteer
Kids playing with adapted toy at toy giveaway
Child with adapted toy
Child with adapted bubble blower
Child with adapted toy at toy giveaway
Child with adapted toy at toy giveaway
Adapted toy giveaway
Child playing with adapted toy at RePlay @Home event

ribbon-icon-sqWhat We Do

RePlay for Kids is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization of volunteers who repair and adapt toys and assistive devices for children with disabilities in Northeast Ohio. RePlay for Kids provides these services at no cost for non-profit organizations that provide medical, educational, or recreational resources for children with disabilities in the Northeast Ohio area. Most of these organizations have limited resources and often cannot afford to replace devices that have broken, and do not have the technical knowledge or time available to repair the devices. RePlay for Kids can provide these services, therefore increasing the number of functioning toys and assistive devices available for children with disabilities.

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Toy Stories

  1. Lucy
  2. Rakaya
  3. Eloise
  4. Laine
Lucy Marcie, an engineer at Goodyear, learned about RePlay for Kids like many parents do. She was visiting United Disability Services in Akron, to borrow toys for her daughter, Lucy, who was six years old at the time. Lucy was born with a neurological disorder, resulting in multiple disabilities. Lucy uses assistive devices, including adapted toys, as a part of her day-to-day activities. She uses them to play by herself, to interact with her siblings and peers, and to learn communication skills. The toys she uses have been adapted with different types of switches, so that she can control them herself, even with her disabilities.

Lucy’s family has purchased a few devices and adapted toys of their own, but the lending library at United Disability Services allows them to try different types of switches to see what works best for Lucy, and to rotate their supply of toys, so she remains challenged, interested and engaged.

One day, as Marcie and a staff member were looking through the toys and testing them, she noticed that many were not fully functional, and watched as the broken toys were placed into a box labeled, “RePlay for Kids.” The staff member explained that RePlay for Kids repairs and adapts toys for UDS, free of charge, so they may be borrowed by families, therapists and child care centers who have a need.

Marcie was immediately intrigued. An engineer herself, she thought she could help RePlay by organizing a toy repair workshop, and recruiting her engineer and techie friends to join in. The very first workshop was a great success. While she was most interested in helping to provide adapted toys for children who need them, other workshop participants simply enjoyed fixing the toys!

Many productive workshops later, Marcie is just as enthusiastic about RePlay for Kids. She appreciates the adapted toys and repair services they provide for children with special needs like Lucy, and she enjoys being a part of the process by repairing and adapting toys herself.
Rakaya Some parents attend the workshops to learn how to adapt their own toys. 3-yeor-old Rakaya was born with cerebral palsy. "(The toys) teach Rakaya cause and effect," as well as independence, Rakaya's mom said. "She wants to play with them by herself, and I never thought l'd see that day."
EloiseEloise wanted to thank you again for all the new toys! Most are going under the tree for Christmas but we decided to play with Cookie Monster today and she loves him! I also want to thank you for all you do! Eloise has a spinning hamburger toy that was adapted at one of your workshops over 2 years ago. It has been her favorite ever since and having that toy taught her how to play. Your organization has had a very real and very meaningful impact on her life. Thank you again!
Laine Laine received adapted toys at our 2017 Adapted Toy Giveaway. His mom told us "I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated you inviting Laine today! He played with his toys until he went to bed and he said that today was "the best day of his life"! It means so much to us that he was included today and to see the joy on his face was priceless. What an awesome and generous thing you all do for the kids! To see him be able to play with a toy with absolutely no help ( besides plugging it in) is just amazing to watch. Thanks again!"

Volunteer & Agency Testimonials

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ArceloMittal "I like the hands-on getting something done that will directly benefit a child that needs it. Also, working things out with coworkers that I normally do not work with was fun." - Volunteer, ArceloMittal
CMSD2015_1"As a speech pathologist working with young children with disabilities, I love the adapted toys that RePlay for Kids provides. I am able to loan toys out to families to try with their children. The variety of toys adapted is a great help as we try to find something motivating to each individual child. Often these early cause and effect toys set the stage for more complex communication using augmentative switches or devices down the road." - speech pathologist
CMSD2015_2"RePlay has conducted a toy refitting workshop three times at Beaumont School. The girls are always nervous at first, but once in their groups, they dive in and start revving up those power tools! We can't wait for the next time." - High School Teacher, Beaumont School
I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for working with us on the toy adaptation event last Thursday. You walked into a room of people who were apprehensive, maybe a little skeptical and in many cases terrified, but with your assistance you left a group of people who were amazed at their ability to do something they didn’t think they would be able to do and thrilled to have adapted a toy! You have the patience of a saint as all of us clamored for your assistance at the beginning. With your help, soon many had completed their toy and went on to help others with their toy. The atmosphere in the room went from quiet and a bit tense to laughter and awe at their accomplishment. This was such a great project for our team and for such a great cause. I received a lot of positive feedback from your presentation because some people were unaware of what RePlay for Kids was all about and after you spoke we all were filled with genuine admiration for what RePlay does for less fortunate children. So again thank you and RePlay for Kids for what you did for us as well as what you do for children every day! - Volunteer, Progressive Insurance
UCP02"I am an SLP working in several different school districts within northeastern Ohio and RePlay has adapted and repaired numerous toys and switches for different school districts. I have been in. RePlay has done a great job on adapting these toys and fixed them in a timely manner. RePlay has always done a great job repairing and adapting our toys. " - AAC Consultant, Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities
"I have worked with RePlay both as a client and recipient of adapted toys, and as a host for adapted toy workshops through University Hospitals. My interactions with RePlay have always been positive. In particular I would note an organized, responsive, and welcoming staff and leadership of the organization. We are grateful to have established a relationship with RePlay and have seen great benefits for the patients and families we serve by being able to offer adapted toys." - Recreational Therapist, University Hospitals
EY2016On behalf of EY’s Northeast Ohio office, we’d like to thank Replay for Kid’s for opening its doors (as always!) to our volunteers on our annual day of service, EY Connect Day. We’ve since received such positive feedback from our people about their experience and look forward to participating in future workshops! - Volunteers, Ernst & Young
We are so grateful to RePlay for all that it has done and continues to do for our students. The skills learned by playing with these toys have catapulted our students into academic skills that were previously thought unattainable." - Therapists from Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities
EY2008 "Love that we can help challenged children to have some fun. Thought the event was wonderful."
You lit up his life with the giant teddy bear who sings, and the remote control car. He loves getting his peers involved with his play, and these two very exciting items, certainly brought them over to him. His smile lights up a room, and we thank you for helping make that happen. Your generous gifts will be used and used and used!! Many thanks from the children at the Brooklyn Schools. - Speech-Language Pathologist Brooklyn School District
Key2011 "I think it was very interesting and I would do it again. I left feeling really good like I accomplished something that will help kids with disabilities. Very satisfying. The instructors were wonderful."
I like the hands-on getting something done that will directly benefit a child that needs it. Also, working things out with coworkers that I normally do not work with was fun. - Volunteer, Kraft Fluid Systems Inc.
“The joy and excitement on the faces of the children has been immeasurable. The toys are also very reinforcing in establishing cause-effect relationships for children with disabilities. Some of the children with special needs have limited opportunities for "play" with toys that they can manipulate. Your donations have made their play time more meaningful and interactive for them.” - Speech-Language Pathologist Euclid City Schools


RePlay for Kids does not provide warranties for the repaired or modified devices. RePlay for Kids uses standard engineering practices to repair and modify devices. However, repairs and modifications made by RePlay for Kids will most likely void any existing warranties on the device. It is the responsibility of the supplying organization to ensure that the devices are used in the proper manner and with proper supervision. RePlay for Kids volunteers will NOT repair or modify any AC powered device, medical equipment, or wheelchairs.
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