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In 2016, we held our 9th annual adapted toy giveaway, and in the previous 9 years RePlay for Kids gave away over 5000 adapted toys to agencies and families in Northeast Ohio.  We decided that it was time to start acknowledging some of the people who have played a large role in our growth.  At each annual adapted toy giveaway, we will hand out the RePlay Impact Award to honor people who have had an impact on our success.

We chose to name the award after Jeanne Teeter, who was one of the co-founders of RePlay for Kids.  Jeanne was very influential in figuring out what direction to go in forming RePlay for Kids back in 1999. She actually suggested the name RePlay for Kids. She was the first person to offer to donate money to help defray the costs of repairing and adapting toys, and helped us obtain our first grant.  Unfortunately, Jeanne passed away in 2003, and wasn’t able to see what an impact her actions had on what RePlay for Kids has become today.  When we decided to create an award to honor people who have had an impact on our organization, it was a very easy decision to name it after Jeanne.

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The second Jeanne Teeter Memorial Impact Award was presented to Ed Rapp, who is a RePlay for Kids board member and a senior systems engineer at Orbital Research Inc.  Ed was one of our original board members, and has been helping to guide RePlay for Kids for 17 years.  He has helped out at countless workshops, has designed some circuits that help us improve our adaptations, and is a great technical resource. 

RePlay for Kids appreciates that Ed is always willing to answer technical questions and give assistance at workshops.   He dedication has truly made an impact on our organization, so we're happy to award Ed the second Jeanne Teeter Memorial RePlay for Kids Impact Award.

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The first Jeanne Teeter Memorial Impact Award was presented to Heidi Cressman from the University of Akron.  Heidi is the Director of the Women in Engineering program at the University of Akron.   In 2010, she  came to one of the RePlay for Kids repair workshops at University of Akron, and became very interested in bringing it to her students.  They have since held 32 toy workshops at the University of Akron, which has not only greatly expanded our repair capabilities, but helped demonstrate the educational aspects of doing the toy workshops.  That has led to our offering high school toy workshops to teach fun aspects of STEM concepts.  The other spinoff from these workshops was that one of Heidi’s former students went to Ohio State University for grad school and invited us to do a workshop there.  We did a couple workshops there that were well received, and they ended up starting their own toy adapting program, which has now become part of their freshman engineering lab course.  And they have received a grant to help spread this to other universities.

RePlay for Kids appreciates Heidi Cressman inviting us to start doing toy workshops at the University of Akron and for continuing to coordinate and support them.  It really has had quite an impact on our organization, so we're happy to award Heidi the first Jeanne Teeter Memorial RePlay for Kids Impact Award.  We hope it will act as a reminder to her and her students to be willing to try out new things, because you never know what impact your actions will have.
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