Mission Statement
The mission of RePlay for Kids is to increase the availability of toys and assistive devices for children with disabilities. We pursue this mission by repairing existing devices, adapting mainstream toys, designing new devices, and educating families and clinicians.

Why It's Important?

Young children learn through play and social interaction. Children with disabilities are no exception, yet frequently require adapted toys and other assistive devices to fully experience the thrill of play. Due to the limited market, the adapted toys are more expensive than their mainstream counterparts. Fortunately, many service organizations provide switches, adapted toys, and other assistive devices to children who cannot otherwise afford them. However, when a toy or device breaks, the supplying organization usually does not have the expertise or resources to repair the broken item.  RePlay for Kids provides these repair services free of charge to participating organizations. RePlay for Kids also adapts mainstream toys for use by children with disabilities.

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