At this year's RePlay for Kids Adapted Toy Giveaway, over 1500 adapted toys were given to several families and 50 agencies in Northeast Ohio who provide services to children with disabilities. The second annual Jeanne Teeter Memorial Impact Award was presented. Thank you to volunteers from St. Joseph Academy, the Notre Dame Club of Cleveland and from the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities for helping set up and coordinate this event. 

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The toys that are adapted at our toy adaptation workshops are given away to agencies at our adapted toy giveaway event in December of each year. Representatives from the agencies we work with are invited to select a number of adapted toys that are appropriate for the children they serve. And, of course, the adapted toys are given to the agencies for free.


RePlay for Kids does not provide warranties for the repaired or modified devices. RePlay for Kids uses standard engineering practices to repair and modify devices. However, repairs and modifications made by RePlay for Kids will most likely void any existing warranties on the device. It is the responsibility of the supplying organization to ensure that the devices are used in the proper manner and with proper supervision. RePlay for Kids volunteers will NOT repair or modify any AC powered device, medical equipment, or wheelchairs.
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